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What does bulli bai means?

We can see bulli is Derived from bully which means threaten or having intimidates action towards weak one. Bai is word usually used to adress women. To conclude, Bulli bai can simply stand for harassing women.

In urdu, we can say bulli bai means (عورتوں کو ہراساں کرنا)

In marathi bulli bai means: महिलांना त्रास देणे

In hindi bulli bai means: महिलाओं को परेशान करना (mahilaon ko pareshaan karana)

In South india bulli bai is Slang word for Male’s Private part.

LanguageBulli Bai Meaning
Urdu (عورتوں کو ہراساں کرنا
English Harassing women
Marathi महिलांना त्रास देणे
Hindi महिलाओं को परेशान करना
(mahilaon ko pareshaan karana)
South india Slang word for Male’s Private part.
Tamilபெண்களை துன்புறுத்துதல்
Teluguమహిళలను వేధిస్తున్నారు
Mahiḷalanu vēdhistunnāru
bangalaমহিলাদের হয়রানি
Mahilādēra haẏarāni

What is Bulli Bai?

The Name Bulli Bai created alot controversy now a days. Some people are thinking it’s an app and will be available at playstore or apple store. But actually it’s not an app. It’s functionality might be similar to app but as a fact you can’t call it an application 
So, What does actually bulli bai is?What’s the relationship between Bulli Bai and Suli Deals? Who is behind the bulli bai? Bulli bai meaning in hindi or english?

bulli bai story revealed
Bulli Bai Auctioned Muslim Women

Bulli bai app or website?:

Bullli Bai is script of code hosted on github. The main purpose of this website was to target Muslim Women and harass them. Pictures along with their information are uploaded with the price tag. Openly, this site crossed the limitations of humanity. According to reports, the pictures included in the app belonged to Muslim women active on social media, including prominent journalists, activists, and artists.

Bulli Bai and Suli deals Relationship:

Back in july, a name suli deals was on trending it was created on the same concept and promoted such hateful content. Suli deals opens a auction and Muslim women pictures are uploaded to disrespect them.At that time no legal action was taken, although some complaints are made at delhi Station.

Github involvment in Buli bai:

Github is open source server where anyone can share their coding script and knowledge with others. Buli bai makers took advantage of this service and sparked fire on social media by promoting such hateful content.

Who is behind the bullibai are they arrested?

The alleged mastermind, Niraj Bishnoi, of Bulli Bai has been arrested and brought to Delhi from Assam by the Delhi Police. Three more people — Mayank Rawal, Vishal Kumar Jha and a 19-year-old woman from Uttarakhand — have also been arrested as their involvment is expected in this bulli bai scandal.As per report, after major breakthrough in the Bulli Bai app case, Delhi Police Special Cell on Sunday (January 9) has arrested the mastermind and creator of the ‘Sulli Deals’ app that in a similar fashion, aimed to auction/sell Muslim women online.Accused Aumkareshwar Thakur, who was also a member of Trad-Group, a Twitter page to troll Muslim women, was arrested from Indore.

Github down the hateful bulli bai page:

Github clearly mentioned that this content violates our privacy policy which clearly highlights that sexual, harassment and hateful content will be not entertained.Now, they ahve taken down that bullibai.github.io page. For future, people are expecting a solution that will help to stop such madness.

Bulli Bai website interface or Bulli Bai Website image:

Bulli Bai twitter Controversy:

Bulli bai sparked outrage on social media as it publically haraased journalists and activists.

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