DogeCoin Value increase by 25%

Elon Musk announces Now Tesla Accepts DogeCoin

DogeCoin Value on 14-01-21

DogeCoin  Before= 0.18$

DogeCoin After= $0.20 On Friday Dogecoin saw 15-20% ncrease in its Value

Terms  &  Condition

Tesla Merchandise can only be buy by DogeCoin.  For Transaction there is need of DogeCoin wallet

Tesla Merchandise List

1)Tesla's CyberTruck Whistle for 300 DogeCoin ($59)

Tesla's gigafactory belt bucklr for 835 DogeCoin ($164)

No Refund or order Cancellation

Tesla Said:

DogeCoin Payment confirmation threshold be 6 hours

FAQ about Dogecoin Payment at



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