Birju Mahraj Dies on Sunday due to Heart Attack at 83

Jan 17,2022

Birju Maharaj, a legend of classical Indian dance and among the country’s most well-known performing artists.

Classical Dancer

Birju Maharaj Birth Place

Birju Maharaj, famous kathak and classical; dancer, born in Varanasi Feburary 4,1938.

Birju's Career Started

He started teaching at the age of 13, at the sangeet bharti in New Delhi.

Opening of  his School

In 1998, he retired and proceeded to open his dance school, Kalashram.

Birju Mahraj Net Worth

As per March 2017, Birju Mahraaj net worth is $7 Million.

Late Birju Drum Fonder

Pandit Birju Maharaj is a superb drummer, playing nearly all drums with ease and precision; he is especially fond of playing the Tabla and Naal

Awards and Achievements

Despite many filmfare and other awards, He is honoured with Padma Vibhushan.

Died Due To Cardiac Problem

Mahraaj was suffering from kidney ailment and on dialysis and likely died due to cardiac arrest. (16-01-2022)